Electricity Management Services

Many municipalities, large enterprises and housing estates are trying to find a way to optimize their electricity consumption. They are looking for a way to remotely and automatically manage their electricity network and get information about their overall electricity consumption.

Electricity Management Services, Rising Star Energy

Our goal is to achieve optimal electricity efficiency, and ultimately make their expenses lower, thus optimising their bottom line.

Through a strategic Joint Venture that has been entered into with Rising Star Energy Group (Pty) Ltd, we are able to offer a fully integrated solution to help our clients understand their electricity consumption and control it. The system includes all modules required for the achievement of this task and does not require any additional investment for wiring. The system can be managed locally or remotely and runs on Windows or Server based computers.

Our operations are South African based, but we are able to offer our electricity management solutions to any international clients. We are able to service Housing Estates, Shopping Centres, Commercial Developments and Businesses.

Why should you use us?

Increased global pollution from traditional energy sources and rising energy prices has driven up the demand for more efficient management of power consumption and energy cost control.
Power saving, green energy and intelligent power management now become powerful trends that create demands for more advanced and centralized power management systems that enable real-time monitoring and switching off of electrical equipment.

We install the best equipment available to accurately read your usage and to enable us to account for every KWH used.

Our Energy Management Systems and Services are designed to control all usage and minimize losses. We empower our customers by providing access to their detailed daily usage, giving them the ability to set their own usage patterns by controlling their geysers, air-conditioners and under floor heating. With our load shifting technology we can reduce the electricity consumed at peak periods and thus save energy, thereby contributing to savings on the Eskom grid, alleviating the risk of power outages.

Our system is a complete self-sustained electricity integrated management system for management of home or business electrical appliances. The system supports a centralized controller that is connected to a Windows/Server based computer, running a web based software that allows management of the controller and the attached appliances. The controller can support thousands of appliances using wireless connection.

The power meter information van be displayed and analyzed by the users to provide power optimization alternatives. Users will be able to turn on/off appliances whenever they want based on their usage and preferences.

We offer our clients a choice between three levels of management and control systems to suit their needs, as well as taking responsibility for the electricity infrastructure, servicing and maintenance of all equipment and replacement of faulty equipment.