Synthetic Diesel & Alternative / Bio-Fuel Manufacture

Bio-Fuel Plant, Rising Star Energy

Bio-Fuels, Oils & Synthetic Diesel Extraction has been established as a division of Rising Star Energy Group (Pty) Ltd.
This component of the company has been introduced due to the complementary nature of the business. The process, which has been initiated, is the extraction of a number of reusable products from the degradation and processing of a variety of products and commodities, ranging from organic non-edibale vegitation, waste refuse (landfill sites) and used vehicle tyres.

Firstly and primarily, high quality bio-fuels are refined from specific organic produce. Processed oils and refined synthetic diesel fuels are extracted from waste plastics, garbage and used vehicle tyres. Secondly, mild and stainless steel and finally carbon black. All of these products are high demand, high value commodities.

Used vehicle tyres are readily available in all areas of South Africa, and are seen as a waste product with little or no intrinsic value.

Landfill sites are numerous and plentyful, located in all areas of South Africe, being managed by Local and District Municipal authorities.

Rising Star Energy (Pty) Ltd has partnered with specialist Bio-Fuel Chemical Engineers based in India. By the use of patented chemical processing methods, bio-fuel is extracted from plant algae, which is grown and cultured in sewage treatment plants.

Algae processing produces an extremely high percentage return of bio-fuel to algae weight, in the region of 90%.

As a secondary product, the remaining algae residue after the processing and extraction of bio-fuels has been completed is further treated and processed to create an organic fertilizer.